One day

They said she shouldn't be happy when they saw her sparkling eyes and so they dragged her back to whatever was before. Before what? No one ever knows, but there's always a "before" and never an "after"..

Clasicul e destin. Ineditul e noroc. Împreună sunt viaţă.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random. -

It isn't that I do not care, but it starts once again and I know that this time I won't have the strength to lift my mood from wherever it will be when I'm done, when they're done.
I'd like to be revived by some strange feeling, a feeling which would make my writing worth reading, a feeling which would make my days worth the light. Such a light. It is fading anyway, since winter is not that far away.

I want snow for my birthday. Is that too much to ask?
Well, probably yes, because there are no signs of such phenomena.
But I want it.
So bad.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, si eu vreau zapada :( .Aici in Iasi a nins intr-o noapte si dimineata era totul alb si fulguia asa frumos... asta pe 4 noiembrie. Dar apoi s-a topit si nici urma de vreun alt fulg. Dar promit ca o sa incerc sa fac un pact cu Doamne-Doamne sa iti daruiasca zapada de ziua ta (tin minte bine, e pe 25?)... si poate imi da si mie doi fulgi de ziua mea.