One day

They said she shouldn't be happy when they saw her sparkling eyes and so they dragged her back to whatever was before. Before what? No one ever knows, but there's always a "before" and never an "after"..

Clasicul e destin. Ineditul e noroc. Împreună sunt viaţă.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good morning

I thought you left back then and yet I saw your always dirty of feelings scarf through my barely opened eyes. I guessed you just got it off, sick of how much it smelled like me and our mornings together, how much it felt as my skin and yours next to each other. But you came next to me and I felt your body trembling. That's when I opened my eyes wider and wider, staring shocked at your fingers struggling to do something you always denied you could do.
The piercing sound of a torn scarf made me think of all the moments I asked you to give me a piece of you, a piece of that scarf you so much cherished. And now you gave the once very wanted pleasure and now so heart breaking moment.
"Good morning!" you kissed me lightly on my trembling lips and threw the half of the scarf that was supposed to be yours and kept mine.
"Good morning.."

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